ScrappyDew 11 Days of Christmas Day 5 – Little Big Heads

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Little Big Heads Expansion Pack

Design and Cut these characters out by you choosing the outfit & hairstyle. Easily add an accessory to the character.

Mix and Match Feature

Keep in mind that you’ll need LBH hair and outfit styles in order to use mix and match.

4 Outfits

8 Accessories

Purchase Today and Start Creating


ScrappyDew 11 Days of Christmas Day 5

Use Coupon Code 11DAYSPACK to save $11 dollars off the purchase of $30 worth of Expansion Packs.

To purchase, click the icons on the right hand side of my Blog.


A registered copy of Scrap Factory version 1.5 or higher

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Brutus/Monroe Designs Stamp Set Giveaway


My Friend and Co-Host, Christopher of Christopher Alan Designs will be launching his very own stamp line in early January.

So excited for him, as I know he’s wanted to do this for a while now.

And I get the honor of bringing you this Sneak Peek of his first set.


Below are a few projects Christopher has created using his stamps.



Look how versatile this stamp set is, you can go from casual to elegant.

 These will definitely be your go to stamp set.


Two lucky viewers will win this stamp set by Brutus/Monroe Designs.

Enter the Giveaway Below!!

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ScrappyDew 11 Days of Christmas Day 4


ScrappyDew 11 Days of Christmas Day 4

For the first time in 5 years, ScrappyDew has lowered the price of the Vault Membership for it’s Christmas Special.

Regularly $20, they’ve lowered it to $15, this will be the lowest purchase price.

Benefits of a Vault Member

Onetime Membership Fee
Vault Member Only Sales
Unlimited Downloading
All Previous Freebie Patterns
Great Files From 2011
Ability to Upgrade to Gold Status

Just think of all the great patterns that you will have access to as a Vault Member.

You will get access to the entire 2011 ScrappyDew Patterns, all previous freebies, & your very own file storage as a backup system.

Vault members get an exclusive discount coupon code to use in the ScrappyDew Store in order to purchase patterns.

You’ll also get the opportunity to become a Gold Member that will give you access to more than $100 dollars worth of ScrappyDew Patterns every month.

Purchase the Vault Membership

Vault Video Overview

ScrappyDew 11 Days of Christmas Day 3

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 SVG Library Program

Have you ever wanted to organize your SVGs and wished that you can tag them so you can easily find them? The program will take your selections and create a SVG file for you to import into your favorite cutting program.

This program will allow you to:

Import your SVGs
Give you the Ability to Search
Add Search Tags
PNG Export
SVG Export

 Purchase Today and start Cataloging your SVG Collection


ScrappyDew 11 Days of Christmas Day 3

Use Coupon Code 11DAYSSVG to save $11 dollars off the purchase price of the SVG Library program.  

Same Registration Code for
Both Mac and Windows
No Need to Purchase a Second License Code.

Windows Vista, 7, 8
Mac OS X 10.7

Current Version: 1.3.2

Online Help Guide

SVG Library Video Tutorials

Both programs are great and it really depends on what you want to actually do. If you’re looking for a quick way to just drop and drag your folder into a program and search visually then SVG Viewer would be the program to choose. SVG Viewer will keep track historically on the folders you have searched. SVG Viewer only stores linked references to the SVGs. Meaning, if you move or delete the SVG file from your computer SVG Viewer is looking for that reference and will not be able to show the SVG.

If you’re wanting a way to organize your files and search by tags/names then SVG Library would be the program of choice. SVG Library stores the RAW SVG data into the program’s database. So if you delete or move the original SVG from your computer the SVG Library still has the RAW data and it will be able to export it on demand.

Library_Assistant copy
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